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Keto Style Ceviche or Chips and Salsa, Keto appetizer or snack


In this video I show how I make my own keto styled Ceviche and or Chips and Salsa if you choose without the shrimp.
In the ingredients I use shrimp and salt and vinegar pork rinds and of course it depends how much you want to use for calories. However I have the full salsa ingredients and macros below.

This is a great option for a snack or even as an appetizer for a keto party. Switch the pork rinds for any other low carb chips or options to make it your own!

Salsa ingredients:
4 roma or small tomatoes
3 1/2 avocados
2 lemons (squeezed)
1/4 a jalepeno
1 cilantro

Optional (shrimp, and pork rinds)

Calories: 924 cal for 1 whole bowl
fat 74.8 g
72.3 carb, 28.9 net carbs
(42.4g fiber)
15.6g protein

Because no one could really eat a full bowl in a sitting, here is also a 1/2 a serving

1/2 a bowl is 462 calories
37.4g fat
36.1g carbs (21.2g fiber and 14.4g net carbs)
7.8g protein

Hope you guys enjoy this idea and give it a try! Thanks for watching!


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