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EASY Keto Coconut Flour Pizza Crust (Keto Pizza Recipe)


This easy coconut flour pizza crust can be made in a food processor or with a blender. You could even mix it by hand, although that makes it a little harder. When baking with coconut flour, you need to mix your ingredients very well for a few reasons.

1–coconut flour likes to clump and who wants clumps in the finished keto pizza crust?

2–coconut flour is like a sponge and soaks up liquids –but it needs time to do this. Mixing speeds up the process.

This Keto Coconut Flour Pizza Crust Recipe is a variation of Fathead pizza. I used the idea of cream cheese and mozzarella cheese in the crust and then expanded on it a bit.

Coconut flour has a naturally “sweet” taste which comes through in the finished pizza crust. Check out my blog post (linked below) with the printable recipe (you can even adjust the size of the recipe) to read about how to mitigate this “sweet” flavor a bit more.

Get the full printable recipe at

My Favorite Ingredients for Keto Coconut Flour Pizza Crust
๐Ÿ”—Coconut Flour by Anthony’s
๐Ÿ”— Avocado Oil by Chosen Foods
๐Ÿ”— Organic White Wine Vinegar by Napa Valley Naturals
๐Ÿ”— Pizza Seasoning by King Arthur Flour
๐Ÿ”— Acacia Fiber by Heather’s Tummy Fiber
๐Ÿ”— Psyllium Husk Powder by Viva Naturals
๐Ÿ”— Xanthan Gum Powder by NOW Real Food
๐Ÿ”— Baking Soda by Bob’s Red Mill

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Easy Keto Coconut Flour Pizza Crust Notes:
–This keto pizza recipe is amazing while traveling with your family on vacation where you’re staying in a rental cabin or somewhere with a kitchen that includes an oven. You don’t even need a rolling pin which is awesome. What we did is before traveling, mixed up all the dry ingredients for the keto pizza crust and put it in ziploc bags. We packed a small bottle of vinegar. Then, when we purchased the eggs, oil, cheeses and toppings at a local store once we arrived (along with a bunch of other groceries). It was incredibly easy to mix this up and get keto pizza on the table after a few long days of hiking. It was a huge hit with the kids too! (They don’t eat keto–but they enjoy many of our keto foods!) The house we rented didn’t have a mixer, so we mixed it by hand. This took a bit more muscle and time, but it was worth it! It’s so crazy how “carb cravings” come out when you’re on vacation!

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